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IRON MAN E-Zine: Issue #621: Fire Up Your 4 Fat-Burning Pathways: Get Your Six-Pack Back

Hate to exercise? Dread going to the gym? Have an injury or think you are too out of shape to even try? Feeling guilty because it's just too tough to consistently fit exercise into your daily routine? No problem -- when you become a member of The Metabolic Mastery Club, you'll get access to a powerful database of specially-designed 15 minute metabolic workouts that will leave you burning fat and toning muscle for days AFTER your workout is over.

These are short, simple, but powerful workouts that can fit into any person's schedule, are fun to do and perfect for people of all fitness types. And the best part is you get new workouts weekly! Because we've partnered with Dr. Jade Teta, a world-renowned metabolic expert who discovered -- after doing over 10, workouts with clients -- how to get the most results in the least amount of time using special "intelligent" metabolic movements. Most people make the mistake of thinking that working out harder, longer or more often is the answer -- that burning the most calories during the workout is the key.

But just like cutting calories can backfire, working out too much can cause your metabolism to fight back , as your hunger and energy skyrocket while your energy tanks to compensate. That's why you see so many people who go on those long runs, spin classes, etc. All that work with not much, if any fat loss.

Top 10 Rules For Fat-Burning Exercise |

The answer is to actually workout much less -- only 15 minutes 3 times a week is what you need to torch fat and tone muscle. But only when you use the special "intelligent" metabolic exercises that are specifically designed by Dr. Jade to stimulate your metabolism to burn fat and shape muscle. Here's why so many of our members absolutely just love these quick, simple, but powerful workouts:. Each exercise is only 45 seconds and each video workout is only 15 minutes -- it's literally over before you know it. The workouts constantly change -- shredding fat in new ways, keeping you interested, making it FUN.

You'll actually look forward to the next session! The 3-in-1 training -- cardio, resistance and nervous system -- fortifies your heart, builds core strength and improves coordination, bal- ance and flexibility all at once.

Don’t Google Fitness Questions

Instead of slog- ging hours per week on each, you breeze through them all in just 15 minutes. The combination of 3-in-1 training, plus rest-based principles generates the results that you WANT, fast.

It starts with an immediate surge of energy, then moves on to VISIBLE fat loss and finally saggy, soft muscles begin to tighten, tone and re-shape themselves. There's NO equipment needed whatsoever. All movements are done with just your own bodyweight. That means you can do this at home, in a hotel while travelling or anywhere else you want. The incredibly fast results provides its own powerful motivation for you to keep going.

No need to rely on willpower when you see layer upon layer of fat come off, and others start asking you "have you done something new?

How I Lose Fat and Keep Muscle - Nutrition 101

Because you rest when you need to, you can customize the intensity of the workout to your own fitness level. Plus, 3 different options for each move -- easy, medium, advanced -- allows anybody at any age of any fitness level, even with injuries, to enjoy the benefits. All of the moves use ONLY bodyweight, no heavy weights or expensive equipment. The moves have been tested on thousands of people to ensure they don't strain joints, pressure the lower back or put you at risk for pulling a muscle or worse.

There's an important saying in the bodybuilding world that anybody who is looking to lose fat needs to pay attention to: "you can't out-train a bad diet. If you are eating like crap -- even if you are working out intelligently -- the scale is going to go in the opposite direction that you want it to. But when you synchronize your eating to create a metabolic response that's in harmony with your metabolic workouts, you can dramatically improve your overall results.

Believe it or not, eating the right carbs, at the right time -- yes, even those "forbidden" carbs you thought you could never eat again -- plays a central role in keeping your metabolic engines humming. More on that in a second. The challenge is knowing how to prepare metabolism-boosting recipes that are both convenient and delicious -- two key factors that you help you stick to an eating plan for good.

Not only have these recipes have been designed by an award-winning gourmet chef with careful oversight from a highly trained nutritionist to get your metabolic engines humming -- and keep them revving for good Best of all is that new recipes are added on a weekly basis , providing you fresh delicious choices to keep your metabolism revved up and squarely in fat burning territory. Just check out few examples of these delicious fat burning metabolic recipes below:.

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The first step is to convince your metabolism to burn fat is to get your fat burning hormones turned on and your fat storage hormones turned off. The fastest way to do that is to eat "smart" carb meals that have the proper nutrients that fuel your fat burning metabolism, while avoiding the carbs that block your fat burning hormones. These recipes are quick and easy to make -- most can be made in minutes some as quickly as 5 minutes and there are NO strange ingredients that you'll have trouble finding at the store.

Burger with Sliced Avocado - Who doesn't love a mouth-watering burger for lunch or dinner? The addition of chipotle peppers gives it a slight kick to keep your taste buds tantalized and the avocado contains a special heart-healthy fat called oleic acid that has been shown to control appetite while boosting energy and metabolism.

Buffalo Chicken Fingers - Get ready for a finger-lickin' good meal. This restaurant inspired spin on Buffalo Wings will have any finger food fan clamoring for more. A side of special veggies powers up this meal with the fiber and nutrients to get your metabolism humming. Southwestern Steak Salad - This savory steak salad with creamy lime dressing that clings to the leaves will soon be a regular on your dinner table. Just the right combination of spices will light up your taste buds while also delivering a hefty dose of metabolism-protecting antioxidants. Step 1 gets you into fat burning mode and the results start to come.

But after a while, your metabolism catches on , sensing something is up and begins to fight back. Your weight loss stalls , your hunger and cravings skyrocket and you feel like crap -- when that happens, you can be sure a plateau has arrived. At this point, most people eat less and exercise more , but that just backfires and your metabolism doubles down on its efforts to do whatever it hold on to your body fat. This is the fun part where you get to devour those forbidden foods you were told were "off limits", but in a very strategic way that stimulates your metabolism to start burning off that stubborn body fat once again.

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But get this part wrong and you could snuff out your metabolic fire , which is why in addition to providing you these delicious carb "feast" recipes below, you also get access to a special report that shows you precisely how to use them for the best results. These special meals are called carb "feasts" and their use is a closely guarded secret that bodybuilders and fitness models use to get into ridiculously good shape.

So instead of feeling guilty when you indulge , you'll feel smart, empowered and relieved because you know you are intentionally spiking your metabolism and preventing those fat loss plateaus from halting your progress. Imagine sinking your teeth into these tasty treats, but without the guilty feeling , knowing you are providing your metabolism with the fuel to slim down your physique:. Beef Nachos Grande - Who doesn't love a plate piled full of nachos?

This is the ultimate in indulgence as each crunchy bite tantalizes your taste buds with a variety of mild spices. Want more heat? No problem, just turn up the jalapenos and salsa! Zesty herbs and spices give this filling that real Italian homemade flavor. So there are lots of signs hopefully I listed off a lot of them. And then I started reading about that going keto is really not that good for women and you know could be bad for thyroid problems.

Oftentimes people are like OK more fat. And that can take some time. But looking back I had no idea how many things had carbs just start being mindful of like what has carbs and what could you replace instead the carbs so instead of that big bowl of pasta maybe you heat up some zucchini pasta. So you just like slice zucchini really thinly you can use a spiral slicer or anything like that.

You heat up and add butter to that and then you know whatever meat or protein you decide to go for.

Level: Advanced

May be the next step down. Like OK what do sweet potatoes taste like. So things like avocado oil olive red palm oil if you can find ethically sourced duck fat. Cocoa butter which is the fat from chocolate you have lard.

Don’t Google Fitness Questions

You have olive oil. MCT oil which we just chatted about coconut oil butter ghee. Those are the sorts of oils and fats. And then the whole food fats like nuts or seeds or any of the animal protein based fats if you can get them from grass fed meats all the better the quality of the fats are also very very important. Jesse: So you just talked about subbing out the carbs to put in more fat. Leanne: Yes, so when I first got started with Keto those first six months I lost all the weight but I was also dealing with pins and needles hair falling out.