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Learn how to deal with bad neighbors when negotiations do not work anymore. Casual ways to solve problems and legal advices included.
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Bien joined Neighbors for Racial Justice, an Oakland group that, with city officials and local law enforcement agencies, has pressed the company to address the racial descriptions on the site. Law enforcement officials said the postings could lead to a kind of echo chamber and prompt residents to call the police with false alarms. The officials also said they were wary of being tied to accusations of racial profiling when they are under scrutiny over the way they deal with minority communities. Nextdoor, founded in , is not the first neighborhood-based platform accused of becoming a haven for racially charged suspicions.

In the Georgetown section of Washington, a chat board run by the local business improvement district was shut down after hundreds of posts accused African-Americans of trying to shoplift.

New plans to be introduced to crack down on troublesome neighbours

SketchFactor, an app that billed itself as a user-generated guide for rooting out so-called sketchy neighborhoods, was lampooned as soon as it was released. The creators of the app abandoned it after it faced widespread criticism. But no such platform has the reach of Nextdoor, which aspires to be used by every neighborhood in the country. I would hate to be calling them at the weekend and the proposed law should be able to deal with wrongdoers i n a fast, efficient way.

Dealing with a Terrible Neighbor

Read the comments above. Here we go again, more nonsensical bureaucracy to persecute landlords with. If they are going to enact leglislation to combat anti social behaviour, why does it not apply to ALL properties i. I have a rented property with model tenants, who are tormented by loud music and parties by their neighbour which is a principal primary residence.

Will This law help them?

How to spot them

No, cause it will help the perpetrator not the victim. This is clear evidence of a government who lives in a bubble of priviledge and is out of touch with the real world. What happens if you live in a privately owned house and the houses surrounding you have dogs and these dogs are barking constantly day and night and the owners of these houses which are also privately owned have taken no action even though they have been politely asked too take some action to keep the dogs quiet.

I have phoned the guards but they say they cant do anything as its not under their scope and that youd have to go to the courts and take case under noise pollution. Does this new legislation cover noise come from neighbours in privately owned houses and if you are owner of privately owned house too or is it just for rented houses?

Could someone please do something for people living in private housing estates! The Gardai advised mediation- we agreed but the neighbours refused.

New plans to be introduced to crack down on troublesome neighbours

Apparently it has to be the person with the disability who makes the complaint- even if they are incapable of doing so! All children with a disability have a Social worker allocated to them but they have to have the permission of the Gardai to intervene except in certain limited circumstances.

Those neighbours joined forces with another neighbour who had issues about a house extension we built, despite us following all the planning regulations to the letter and involving them at every stage of the building- it was clear they eaten up by jealousy after the build was complete- our lives have been hell now for 8 years. There needs to be some Authority with special training to intervene in these types of situations.

I had no way of going after the tenant.

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I have had range of tenants some at first seemed most helpful ie. That was OK for a while but only half the agreed upon re-painting was completed nearly a whole year later but by then they decided to drag their feet on paying the rent. Best solution is to notify the courts, post notice and then have them evicted.

A bit of tolerance can go a long way. I have two questions for you how do you find the owners of the house when they are not regstered with the tenancy board.

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I am very glad that the law is to be strengthened with regard to noisy neighbours. This is particularly important in apartment living, where there is little or no insulation, in apartments that were built in the past ten years.

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